All Day Writing Workshop

        Discover how you can use writing 

                             for healing, health, and hope!

Those of us in it know that grief can overwhelm us.  Writing about our emotions calms our nerves, lowers our heart rate, and decreases our blood pressure.  The tool of writing through the pain of heartache 
provides a respite for our sorrow and coats us with a soothing balm.  No wonder writing has been called an essential tool for healing.

 The Second

         Writing the Heartache All Day Writing Workshop


When:  Saturday, August 21, 2010

Time:  8 AM to 5 PM

Instructor:  Alice J. Wisler of Danielís House Publications  (B.S.W., award-winning novelist, cookbook author, first place winner of Carolina Woman poetry contest 2001, workshop leader, conference speaker, writer of grief-related articles, Open to Hope contributor, former Tributes and LARGO newsletter editor, and designer of remembrance cards)

Where:  Hampton Inn in Cary, NC

Whatís provided: 

* All day workshop with instruction on writing from the grieving heart 

* In-depth teaching on writing poetry, letters, essays, and keeping a journal 

* Guided writing sessions        

* Pen and journal/notebook

* Mid-morning coffee/tea and snack break 

* Light catered lunch      

* Mid-afternoon coffee/tea break 

* Gift for all attendees

* Two future follow-up online critique sessions with Alice 

Objective: To learn how to use writing as an effective tool for healing and hope. While the primary focus of the workshop is on writing after the death of a significant loved one (spouse, parent, sibling, child, friend), some take the workshop to write about broken relationships.

Feel free to bring: Up to three pages of poetry or a piece youíve written pertaining to your loss.

Cost:  $130 per person
Bring a friend and save!  $210 for both you and your friend ($50 savings). Bring three or more friends and save $50 each!  For even more discounts, email Alice.

For all past attendees of the online grief-writing course, Writing the Heartache, just $79.00 per person.

LIMITED seating, register today!

No refunds, but rain checks accepted for a future workshop date.


Pay online with Paypal or send a check to Alice J. Wisler:

Daniel's House Publications

P.O. Box 51531

Durham, NC  27717


Once your payment has been received, confirmation will be sent to you via email.


QUESTIONS?  Email Alice:


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What others are saying:

"The workshops Alice gives bring such clarity to my writing.  I learn and then go home and put it all into practice.  It works!" ~ Theresa M.

"The writing assignments are always given with plenty of instruction and guidance. Reading my work aloud and hearing what others write are added bonuses." ~ Chris S.

"I just finished this workshop and it was great. Alice helped me to realize that it is okay to write about my son. I was able to describe my feelings in a way I didn't know I could. I found out that I had feelings of anger, sadness, guilt, hatred, and that I was holding on to grudges against some people. But I also found the good emotions, too. I am really glad that God brought Alice into my life at just the right time." ~ Bev. W 

"When my husband died, nightmares were constant. After taking Alice's writing workshop, the bad dreams have completely ceased. Yes, I believe in the power of the the pen!"
~ C. H.

"The workshop is just as powerful when you are grieving the loss of a relationship as when you are grieving the loss of a person." ~ P.L.M.
I would like to recommend Alice's "Writing the Heartache" [All Day] workshop.  Although I lost my husband a long time ago, I found it helpful to reflect on all that happened then and how God has brought me to this new place in my life. My  mother used to tell me that I never grieved--I was too busy grieving for my  children at that time; I felt like I didn't have time to grieve for myself. The  workshop brought clarity to that situation. I think it also helped me know  how I can help others who are grieving.

Thank you, Alice. 
~ Ann  
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