Remembrance cards, or sympathy cards, are
important to send at any time.  Typically,
they are sent when a person dies.  However,
putting a comforting card in the mail at
other times is healing as well.  Show that
you remember those who have passed on
with a card.  Daniel's House Publications
offers two postcards of remembrance with
ample room to write on the back. The cards
sell in sets of ten and come with white envelopes. 
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I Wish You Postcards
Price:  $15.00
Ten cards with envelopes
Songs From Heaven Postcards
Price $15.00
Ten cards with envelopes
50 Songs From Heaven Postcards
Special Rate Deal with 50 envelopes
Price:  $60.00
Remembrance Cards and a cookbook to send
from Daniel's House Publications
"remembering with you"
Copyright 2009~2010 Daniel's House Publications
I wish you fond
starry nights of
laughter, the beauty
of a life well lived -
all wrapped in a
blanket of solace.
~alice j. wisler
Who will remember
those who no longer
sing on earth?

We, who hear
their songs
from Heaven.
~alice j. wisler
Down the Cereal Aisle, a basket
of recipes and remembrances

by Alice J. Wisler

Sale price $14.00
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